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Sponser | MULTI PROTEIN CFF BANANA 850G Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Sponser Multi Protein CFF Banana 850g

The proteins support growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. Multi Protein is a multi component protein based on high quality milk and whey protein from cross flow microfiltration as well as on egg white. The physical preparation process by means of ultra and micro filtration guarantee the natural quality of the protein and provide a high biological value. The specific combination of protein sources supply an optimal amino acid profile. Enriched with the free amino acid L-leucine.

– Support the protein synthesis (muscle growth)
– Minimises the muscle mass reduction after an effort and promotes the new muscle growth
– Amino acid pattern with high content of essential amino acid, including BCAA
– Delicious shake with 10 vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium

Ideally, spread the intake over the day or after exercising. Mix approximately 2 measuring spoons (20 g) + 250 ml milk in the shaker/mixer. For a preparation with water, increase the quantity of powder.

Protein powders (milk protein from cross-flow ultrafiltration, lactalbumin from cross flow microfiltration, egg albumin), flavours, L-leucine, magnesium carbonate, guar gum and xanthan, acesulfam K and neotame, vitamins, ascorbic acid.

Picture shows Sponser Multi Protein CFF Vanille

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