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Skins | Essentials Calftights Chaussettes de compression Hommes | turquoise

Skins Essentials Calftights Looking for extra calf support for your next marathon or triathlon? Or for extra power during cross training or footy games? Our SKINS Essentials Unisex Calf Tights MX use Dynamic Gradient Compression to ensure optimal compression levels and increased oxygen delivery to your active calf muscles. They also provide controlled compression over the delicate Achilles tendons to help minimise the risk of injury. Our ADAPTIVE Technology uses a unique polymer that binds moisture into its structure to help you feel warmer when it’s cold out. As your body heats up, the polymer releases the moisture to the surface where it evaporates to keep you cool. SKINS fabric is also proven to provide 50+ UPF protection so we’ve got all your bases covered. The Essentials Calf Tights MX are cut for comfort with left and right leg construction so make sure you get them on the right legs. Here’s a tip – the SKINS logo should be on the outside of your calf and the triangle shape made by the seams should sit over your Achilles tendon. Combine these Essentials unisex calf tights MX with our TRI400 garments for the ultimate triathlon set or combine it with the A400 or A200 half tights for the ideal running or cross training kit! 65% Polyamide, 35% Elastane

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